Superman has gone rogue! Or… not-Superman has gone rogue and it’s up to the not-Justice League to stop him! Darryl, Phil, and Sly take a trip through the first eight issues of Mark Waid’s Irredeemable, and emerge out the other end… feeling bad for a genocidal killer? Best to listen to the podcast and not […]

It’s the end of the year, which means we’ve compiled our favorites and least favorites of 2019! It was a pretty packed year, so things might shake out differently than you’d expect! Not only that, but Phil and Darryl dive into Superman: Grounded, and walk away from that long walk feeling pretty good. Patreon: Come […]

Ho ho ho-ly cow! It’s been another year which means it’s time for another Christmas-themed podcast! This time the Divisive Issues crew will be diving into the X-Men animated series as well as X-Men Evolution. Gather ’round the fire and let us regale you with tales of scorpions, alien girls, and flying angels… Ryan becomes […]

This is it! Ichigo must race to the soul palace to save the Soul King! Or… does he have to? Does it matter? Does any of this matter? The DI crew is losing their minds trying to process what is happening at the very end of Bleach, bringing us to perhaps the most daunting question […]

We’re back at it! Our saga through Bleach is nearing its close as we discuss the final two arcs left in the series. The first 30 minutes are spent discussing the “filler” arc, and then it’s on to the craziest, dumbest, and worst-drawn arc yet! Darryl calls Tatsuki “Taki” like a Soulcalibur scrub, Phil is […]

On this episode, we’re diving into the torrid history of The Clone Saga, and we’re bringing our non-fans Darryl and Phil kicking and screaming into Ben Reilly’s tragic backstory. We cover his lab-grown birth, the discovery of his own unique identity, and his struggle with yet another clone, KAINE. Only after we record do we […]

Let the battle for Fake Karakura Town begin! You guys are excited for this, right? Right?! Well, even if that doesn’t sate you appetite for action, we have Ichigo vs. UIquiorra, and Ichigo vs. Aizen coming up! We’ve been waiting for those fights for so long that they’re bound to be really good and definitely […]

The consensus is in: Bleach is not “terrible!” The gang begins their descent into Bleach’s canonical hell (well, purgatory), Hueco Mundo! Another lady is need of saving, the Espada are in need of a beating, and Kubo’s backgrounds are in need of some buildings! We’re only halfway through, so hang in there! Darryl pronounces “Re-su-rrec-ción” […]

We’re taking a break from our usual nonsense for some spooky stories! We read some horror comics from EC comics in the 50s! Happy Halloween! Ryan reveals his origin of pun-love, Darryl contemplates what he’d do in a desert, Sly is NOT a fan of SlyxRyan shipping, and Phil… well, Phil gets spooped a whole […]

Bleach Part 3. What else is there to say? Darryl pronounces “SHI-KAI” as “SHIK-KAI” like a baka gaijin, Ryan fantasizes about Byakuya and Ichigo kissing, Phil enjoys teaming up with his rival, and Sly can only understand media through the lens of Yu-Gi-Oh. Patreon: Come join our discord: All of our past episodes and other projects […]

This was going to be Bleach part 2 of 4. Who knows how long this will take now? Darryl pronounces ZAN-PAK-TO as ZAN-PACK-TO like a baka gaijin, Sly thinks everyone looks like Rukia, Ryan’s concerned over the age of his kouhai, and Phil takes off his eyepatch to enjoy Bleach with 100% of his power. […]

We’re entering triple digits with something special, Bleach! The manga, that is. We’re gonna be covering it for the next few episodes in big chunks, hand picked by our very own Darryl. This is part 1. Darryl mispronounces KA-RIN as KAR-IN like a baka gaijin, Sly only knows one thing from Bleach three separate times, […]

It’s Episode 100. We’re in syndication now, baby! TBS, characters welcome and all that. We’re talking Ultimates 3, one of the worst books ever. Read along: Sly’s been painting targets on his forehead, Darryl appreciates how anime the Ultimates 3 is, Ryan doesn’t understand how Quicksilver can identify DNA-seeking bullets, and Phil simply can’t […]

Edgelord August ends here! We’re finishing Warren Ellis’ Authority with issues 7 to 12. Make sure you listen to part 1 first! Ryan’s a comic EXPERT, Phil dumps on Mark Millar, Darryl’s is unconvinced Swift needs to be on this team, and, as Sly so succinctly puts it, “it’s all penises and sperm killing everything.” […]

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Let’s bring back our main man Midnighter as we dip in to Warren Ellis’ Authority, Issues 1-6! Sly is desperate for more EDGE, Ryan has the hots for lady Guy Gardner, Phil lectures us on alternate reality England, and Darryl defends… Mark Millar’s Ultimates??? Patreon: Come join […]

All good things must come to an end, so we end the #flyerdrive right when we wrap up our coverage of DC’s year-long weekly series, 52. Do Phil and Darryl think it lives up to hype when Ryan and Sly described it as the greatest comic story every written? Find out as we cover issues […]

The #flyerdrive continues with our third (of four) episode on DC’s magnum opus, 52! It’s issues 27-39! And if this is your first time, make sure you listen to part one and part two first! Sly cannot pronounce Nanda Parbat, Ryan feels Elongated Man’s pain, Phil finds space zombies more plausible than the Crime Bible, and Darryl […]

We’re still weekly! Here we are 52 Part 2. We’re hitting issues 14-26 this time, so read along! And make sure you listen to last week’s episode first! On this episode, Sly worships at the feet of Pope Lobo, Ryan rips open a bag of Ch’ps with his good buddy Ambush Bug, Darryl joins the Teen […]

We’re going weekly, just like DC did after Infinite Crisis. We’re covering what Ryan and Sly have been hyping for years as the best superhero comic ever written, 52. Over the next 4 weeks, we’ll be covering 13 issues at a time of the year without Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. On this episode, Phil […]

It’s the big patreon drive! So we joined up with Network host and honorary member of the Clue Crew, Nick Wood! We cover the first six issues of Scooby Apocalypse, the gritty reboot of the beloved franchise! On this episode, Ryan desperately tries to defend the creative team. Nick defines his entire life by a […]