Helen LaStar writes and performs her first Life Machine- a particularly personal one about the world of slam poetry in Atlanta. Learn what slam even is and the emotions it stirs with the work of Jordyn King, Nikki Gray, RJ Owens, Karen G, with Helen herself closing the piece.

Produced and edited by Malcolm Nygard

Intro and outtro music by ept.

Ambient music by Jon Biegen.

City sounds by Atlanta

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The first episode of the previously exclusive Marvel show is now available. Justin and Malcolm check out Marvel Studio's Iron Man to see how it all started, what seeds were planted, and how this older than a decade film holds up. To hear episodes going all the way up to The Avengers, you can become a donor for just $5 a month at our website.

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The internet is buzzing with pieces on all sides of the Last Jedi debate, so why not add another one to the mix? Malcolm Nygard stands up to defend Luke Skywalker's complex portrayal in the film, by charting his history, his deepening of the themes, and whether or not he finally completes his journey.

All Star Wars music by John Williams used for review purposes.

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Lindsay Ellis on the First Order

Joanna Robinson on the Reylo phenomenon

Dan Golding on the legacy sequel


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Characters in film have been dying by the thousands since the medium began, so much so that the very idea of character death has taken on new weight and context. Malcolm Nygard shows us how Ridley Scott's The Martian, which subverts a lot of the stereotypes about death in space movies, teaches us some important lessons about stories.

The Martian soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams used for review purposes.

Theme music by ept.

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Final Fantasy VII is in the conversation for the most nostalgic video game ever, mainly due to its music. Writer Malcolm Nygard goes through Nobuo Uematsu's masterpiece to show how he paints the mood of a dystopian world that stays with you two decades later.

Final Fantasy score by Nobuo Uematsu, Blade Runner score by Vangelis, used for review purposes


0:00 Fanfare

1:20 Judgment Day

2:35 Oppressed People

3:10 Wait For Me (Blade Runner)

4:07 Main Titles (Blade Runner)

4:37 Opening Theme/Bombing Mission

5:00 Memories of Green (Blade Runner)

5:15 Who Are You

5:25 End Titles (Blade Runner)

5:52 Jenova

7:04 Provincial Town

8:00 Mako Reactor

9:04 Underneath the Rotting Piazza

9:38 Anxious Heart

11:08 Main Theme

13:12 The Great Northern Cave

13:48 Fighting

14:09 Golden Saucer

14:21 Tifa's Theme

14:43 Blade Runner Blues (Blade Runner)

15:59 Holding My Thoughts in My Heart

Theme music by ept.

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In our first Life Machine, the mini show where we look at the small aspects of real life people and events, Malcolm got together with his old friend Jon to talk about his new album, Former Love Songs. It was a long time in the making, especially if you consider all the time it took to reach this musical level, and Jon breaks down his mindset and hopes when he makes music. 

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Produced by Malcolm Nygard with assistance by Arthur Nygard

Theme music by ept.

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The Marvel movies are a massive phenomenon that many film franchises are trying to copy, but they do one thing better than anyone else that's worth talking about. Malcolm Nygard breaks down the concept of scale, and how it pertains to building an empire one fictional brick at a time.

All Marvel music used for review purposes. Additional scoring by Jon Biegen.

Theme music by ept.

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Malcolm and Justin reunite for their first collaboration in a long time. This one is a shared favorite, and one that gets a lot of hate. Final Fantasy XIII has a lot of strategy depth to offer, and the hosts make their case for why it's one of the most advanced systems of the modern era.

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Everyone knows the Jaws music. Or they think they do. Chances are they just know two notes. Malcolm Nygard braves the water to do a shallow dive into the rest of John Williams' great score, showing you how intertwined it is to the film's success.

All John Williams music from Jaws and Jurassic Park used lovingly for review purposes.

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Prequels are hard to make. Host Malcolm Nygard takes you through all the challenges involved, and why Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is such a successful one. Learn what makes Star Wars great and why adding to it is a good thing.

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In this episode, Justin Vignola explains what dopamine is and how it works, and he uses the video game Warframe as an example of how video games exploit dopamine production in players to keep them playing longer.


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All music from "Warframe" used for review purposes

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Founder Malcolm Nygard welcomes you to our relaunched network and brand new Content Channel. Learn a little about what kinds of things to expect from the four new mini shows on the channel.

Film Machine

Game Machine

Life Machine

Story Machine


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