Sorry, y’all. We’re packing it up. Oops has reached the end of a two year road. And at the end of that road, like all roads, is darkness and nothingness. But the adjacent road is our comic book podcast, Divisive Issues, and that road’s still going on and on and on. That’s not going anywhere. […]

It’s almost the end of the year! Finally! But before we can get there, let’s take a look back on some things that happened throughout the year, some you’ve heard before, some you (maybe?) haven’t, and some you’ve forgotten! Topics range from Trump, to international scuffles, to local rulings, to… (sigh) Dark Futurology. In this […]

We watched a Dinesh D’Souza “film” called Death Of A Nation. Whatever you do, don’t watch this god damn movie and DEFINITELY don’t listen to a word this guy says. On this episode, we celebrate a very successful midterm election by playing chicken with death and watching Death Of A Nation, the Grown Ups 2 […]

Election Day was yesterday, but we recorded this on Sunday, so I really hope you people voted. I’m writing this on election day morning, from my dark room that only has 538 refreshing every 4 minutes and an IV to keep me hydrated from all the tears and nervous sweating. Am I rambling? No, you […]

The Republicans filibustered Obama’s Supreme Court choice and snuck in their own guy. And now they’ve gone one step lower by appointing a sexual predator! Should the Democrats sit back and take it until their terms expire decades from now? Or should the Democrats consider packing the Courts like FDR did back in the day? […]

Special episode time! Ryan got married so he recorded an interview episode a few weeks ago! This one’s with Ivan! We talk about a bunch of stuff, so just listen to it already! It’s a really interesting talk about some less mainstream leftist ideas! Ivan’s other podcasts: They See Me Rollin’ The Color Of Friendship […]

The world’s on fire again, so we needed a break. What do you want from us? We’re only human! We take a break from the news and/or history and talk about our family again. You know, those people that you can’t stand that just share memes all day about how Irish people were slaves too […]

We’re talking elections! The electoral college! Super delegates! Some of the wackier things that have happened in some historical elections and campaigns! It’s not a current events episode! This one’s a lot of fun! Ryan graduates from the electoral college. Darryl puts the SUPER in super delegate. Phil wins the popular vote, but loses the […]

The news is too intense this week, so we picked an evergreen topic to discuss, Silicon Valley. Is it a liberal utopia or a libertarian dystopia? Ryan breaks down why Elon Musk is the Trump of “intellectuals.” Phil talks about just how unethical computer chips are. Sly breaks down one of the biggest and unknown […]

We’re here to talk about the ball of hot air in the room, Alex Jones. He was just banned from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Apple, and we sure do wish the list went on and on. Was it the right thing to do? Is it a violation of free speech? Is the government turning all of […]

It’s a complicated one this time, everybody. We’re talking trade and tariffs. Trump is waging trade wars with… everybody. So what does that even mean? Darryl breaks down just what NAFTA and NATO are. Ryan just struggles to understand any of his own opinions. Phil gives us a sneak peak of what his Economics students […]

In this episode, the gang discusses the Supreme Court and how apolitical it is. Justice Kennedy is retiring and Brett Kavanaugh is taking this place. What does this mean the country? Should we agree with the New York Times that this is a good thing? Was the Supreme Court always this bad? Is it bad […]

We needed a break, everybody. Things are like… really bad out there. So we went back to our original format and picked a piece of pop culture to analyze! We watched a movie called Bulworth! Only Sly had even heard about the film before this week, so it was quite the unexpected experience. Bulworth On […]

We’re talking Fascism! Everyone’s favorite way to lose all their rights! How’s North Korea diplomacy going? Why is Trump so terrible to our allies, but sucks up to dictators? What about Ur-Fascism or “Eternal Fascism?” Did an article written in 1995 really sum up all of Trump’s tactics? On this episode, everyone’s three least favorite […]

In this episode the gang describes the secret scandals of the past and present in the White House. Well the current scandals aren’t so secret, but no body cares about them so they might as well be. A bunch of shady stuff has happened around Trump but none of it seems to be sticking to […]

We’re trying to keep it lighthearted again! Do we succeed? Kind of! We’re talking celebrity worship in politics! Kanye, Ted Nugent, other conservative celebrities, Donald Glover, and more! Mostly pooping your pants, though. Do you know what Ted Nugent did to dodge the draft? Here’s a hint: He made a big ol’ mess. Why does […]

Metal Gear has… Oops? We talk about Metal Gear Solid and how much Hideo Kojima predicted when it comes to modern politics. Phil and Sly try to convince Ryan that these games are amazing, while Darryl adds a healthy grain of salt  into the discussion. We mostly talk about Metal Gear Solid 2 and Revengeance, […]

The Comrade network is relaunching as Flying Machine! And we have a patreon now with monthly bonus episodes! And other cool things! Patreon: Come join our discord: All of our past episodes and other projects can be found at Check out the rest of the shows on the network at Join […]

In a particularly NSFW episode, the gang talks about the dumb laws our dumb species has come up with. At least it starts off that way before devolving into a lot of dirty fetish talk. First the gang talks about old dumb laws like monarchies and dueling. Then they transition to the modern day with […]

Against all odds, we’re back. Last episode, we talked about how much we had to look forward to! Well, not anymore. It’s time to dip into our endless reserve of pessimism and talk about some dark futurology. Let’s be real, y’all, it’s not looking good out there lately. We talk about some of our biggest […]