In addition to our many free podcasts and blogs, we also have a selection of premium content for our members. There are a range of products for different donation levels on our Patreon, but there's something for every level of generosity. Here are some of the things we offer-

  • In-Flight Magazine, the twice monthly newsletter written by Helen LaStar with handpicked culture recommendations by our staff.
  • Behind the scenes Producer's Journals with notes on the making of Flying Machine Podcast episodes.
  • An annual gift box with Flying Machine merch and hand-picked books, comics, and movies, and art by the staff.
  • Chances to vote on and decide topics for upcoming blogs and episodes.

We make our shows for free in our spare time, and all of them are a labor of love, so it means a lot when you donate to us and help us grow a little closer to becoming a full-time company. Full funding means paying our writers, voice actors, artists, and musicians to make even better content, so the money you offer goes right back into making our product even better. Even a dollar helps us do that, so thank you.

Premium Podcasts

  • Flying Machine: Voyages

    Our premium podcast feed offers monthly bonus episodes from every single network show. This is where hosts put their spare, unfiltered, and deeper-diving thoughts in addition to their usual shows. We also have exclusive shows not found anywhere else.

  • MCUniversity (Hosts: Malcolm Nygard and Justin Vignola)

    Malcolm and Justin go through every Marvel Cinematic Universe film in chronological order to rate how well the stories, characters, and world-building come together over time. They trace every setup and thread over this massive series so you don't have to, and attempt to ultimately rank every MCU film.

  • The Cortex (Hosts: Malcolm Nygard and Elle Ricardi)

    Malcolm and Elle love the long-cancelled show Firefly, and attempt to put that love into words, while still seeing what doesn't age well in this early 2000's cult classic. They dig into the characters, the low-budget sci-fi sets and props, and the ethics and logistics of the cowboy heist. The perfect blend of loving fandom and scalpel hindsight.

  • 33 1/3 Under 45 (Host Ryan Lynch)

    Ryan records audio versions of his music blog on the network, so you can listen on the go and actually hear samples of all the songs in question as a he goes through the great albums keeping his spirits up. At higher donor levels you can also choose an album for him to cover.

  • Classic Comrade Feed

    Way back when, the network was called Comrade Radio and the various hosts posted getting to know you conversations and short story collections like our famous Campfire Stories episode. Great for any completionist Flyer that wants to see how it all started.

  • Apoc Radio Selects (Hosts: Malcolm Nygard and Justin Vignola)

    Malcolm and Justin's original show was funny and ambitious. They played versions of themselves that survived an apocalypse and put on a radio show to find other survivors, where they talked about movies and culture to pass the time. We've selected the very best episodes from that two-year period to tell the complete story of these characters, from the great Vs. episodes, the massive Civil War event, and some dangerous run-ins with other survivors.